Civil Rights

We are passionate defenders of the U.S. Constitution and Civil Rights. We focus on “1983” cases involving government violation of personal rights, jail and prison abuse, and law enforcement misconduct. We do not handle employment cases but are happy to assist you in finding good counsel.

Jail and prison abuse violations take many forms. The most common scenarios are when detainees and inmates are subject to poor living conditions, preventable death or denial of medical treatment, violence by guards or as a result of misclassification, and anything else amounting to injury or punishment beyond constitutional standards.

We are strong supporters of law enforcement officers, most of whom do an outstanding job each and every day and are often unfairly criticized. This is why we take civil rights abuses by law enforcement seriously. These cases usually arise from unnecessary force, misconduct, or false arrest.

Civil rights cases can be complex, and it is important to seek counsel immediately, even if you or a loved one are still incarcerated.